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2:36pm on Friday, 3rd August, 2007:

Personal Object


Today we went to the Troödos mountains (pronounced Troh-dos, not True-dos). First stop was the tomb of Archbishop Makarios, which for some reason the tour guide thought we'd find the remotest bit interesting. About 50 metres further up the mountain was a shrine to the virgin Mary, where you can give offerings and set fire to candles and stuff. One of the legends says that if you make a wish (I believe "pray" is the technical term) then the virgin Mary will listen more if you leave a personal object tied to a tree to remind her of you.

Here are the trees:

Most "personal objects" appear to be pieces of toilet paper, and when you get up close it turns out that the reason they appear to be pieces of toilet paper is because that's indeed exactly what they are (fortunately, unused). Not everything is toilet paper, though. The red blob you can see there is a hair scrunchie, for example. So what about the blue object next to it?

It's a bra.

There's personal and there's too personal...

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