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2:18am on Monday, 17th April, 2006:



Remember Mareigh?

Here she is wearing her fetching, green frock in Irontree Woods, Felwood, about 20 minutes ago:

This is her sitting on her paladin epic mount (formally, her charger):

The horse gives off a lot of steam, so in case you can't make out that it's really her, here she is again:

I played Mareigh up to level 60 to acquire credentials: I did it only so I could say I'd done it . I knew pretty well exactly what I was in for by level 6, but I persevered nonetheless. I was hoping that those people who might suggest that I don't know what I'm talking about with virtual worlds because I don't play them would shut up at this point, but of course they didn't. Too many people seemed to need to qualify their own achievements by establishing my place as lower down in the pecking order; I was told several times that, of course, World of Warcraft only really begins when you reach level 60.

Yes, I know that. I knew it by level 6. For me, I only need to experience the design, not the play; the play is just going through the motions — it's the design I find interesting. Having seen enough, I can extrapolate the rest; I don't have to sit down and play my way through it. Indeed, it's quite painful for me to do so.

However, in an effort to silence the critics, I did just that: I played a character up to level 60. And now, just to silence another bunch of critics, I've played for an epic mount. This is not a simple matter.

I'm going no further, though. In the screenshots, Mareigh isn't wearing her armour because I don't want people criticising her gear; the only reason her sword is showing is because it has a crusader enchant on it that cost her 275G. I know there's a ton more of WoW I can go through, but I don't see that I should have to do so. Besides, if I did, I'd only be accused of being a fanboi. I can't win.

Enough! I really do not want to talk about this further.

Don't they render hands weirdly?

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