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10:04am on Thursday, 16th March, 2006:

Lying in the Sun


No, this isn't a post about journalism.

I have a new set of exercises for my bad shoulder. The old ones apparently did their job, so I've been upgraded. One exercise remains the same, but the others are new.

The exercise that hasn't changed is the one where I have to lie on a rolled-up towel with my arms outstretched for 3 minutes. OK, I can cope with that, except the getting up afterwards part.

One that hasn't changed much is the rubber band one. Previously, I had to pull the latex strip by moving my hand across me; now, I have to do it by moving it away from me. This isn't so bad, except for an unnerving clicking I get in my shoulder. This is either doing me good or causing irreperable damage; I'll find out which when I visit the physiotherapist again next week.

I have a new one which is so easy I can do it sitting down. I have to run my hands up the seams of my trousers and continue past my waist for as far as I can go. With my bad shoulder, that's actually just as far as my waist, but it's suppsed to be doing something to some obscure muscles so I'm up for it.

I only have one other exercise, which I call "lying in the sun". I put my hands behind my head and lie on my bed as if I were sunbathing on the beach. What could be more relaxing?

Well, pretty much anything could be more relaxing. This "exercise" is excruciating from the moment I start. My bad shoulder rages against the effect of gravity pulling my elbow down, and continues to do so hours after I've finished. It's still hurting now, 90 minutes after I last did it. At the time, it's so bad I get tears in my eyes. I'd look forward to the end of the 3 minutes for which I had to do it, except that unlocking myself from the position is the worst part. I'd switch off the pain, which I can do, only then I'd worry I might break a tendon or a muscle or something.

This had better be doing something. I don't mind the attitude of "no pain, no gain", but I do draw the line at "pain, no gain".

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