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9:12am on Thursday, 14th September, 2006:

Grand Piano


Having not got along well with the violin (on account of how it made so much noise), my younger daughter started piano lessons yesterday. We'll be buying her an electric piano this weekend. This way, she can practice with headphones on and won't get complaints from anyone else (where "anyone else" is code for "her sister").

I took her to the piano teacher and was impressed to find she had a grand piano. I suppose if you make your living out of teaching people to play the piano, you may as well have a good one. It was huge, though — it had to be at an angle to fit in the room. Only when I'd left my daughter there did it occur to me: how did they get it in there? It wouldn't fit through the door and the windows were even smaller. Even in pieces it probably still wouldn't have got through the door, as the frame for the strings would still be too big. The piano room is in an extension built onto the original house, so I suppose it's possible they constructed the room around it. That seems a little unlikely, though. I'll have to ask.

There's no danger that anyone will steal it, though, that's for sure.

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