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8:24am on Tuesday, 14th February, 2006:

Trial Edition


It turns out that my recent 12h 47m 58s download of the trial edition of EQ2 was of the whole code. Technically, it was patching an empty set of files to create a full set, so I can defend myself against "that should have been obvious", but, well, that should have been obvious...

It's not all the code and data, either. At the moment, it's using 1.78G on my (daughter's) hard drive, but that's probably expanded; the download itself is supposed to be around 800M (the full version is 4.2G; so much for online replacing DVDs as a delivery method in the short term). I thought a lot of the data was voice on the grounds that the files had .vpk extensions, but I'm now guessing it isn't as I didn't actually hear any voice apart from in the introduction. Also, there's 1.5G of it... Nevertheless, even with these economies, it's just as well the free period begins when installation is complete given that the download itself took me 7% of the trial's duration.

Anyway, having installed the game, I played my way up to level 6 (which is the highest you can go without switching to a full account) as a male human paladin called Hardric (Richard and Drahcir having been already taken). I'd tell you what I thought, but then I'd be giving you free consultancy so it's not going to happen. I will say, though, that it's immersion-breaking at the best of times when NPCs tell you to "click on" something, but when they do it on a role-playing server it's downright unnerving.

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