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12:53pm on Sunday, 6th August, 2006:



Our local shop has started selling Caramel Toffee Biscuit Crunch Belgian Milk Chocolate Lolly Truffles. That's what they're called. There are 8 qualifiers to the noun there, which is rather impressive. There may be some trade name they go under to make it snappier (a quick search seems to suggest they could officially be called Cocoa Deli), but that's not what it says on the shelf. I've had one and they're OK, but they're way too expensive for what you get (50% of the length of the packet is occupied by the stick).

Small Child: "Mum, can I have a caramel toffee biscuit crunch Belgian milk chocolate lolly truffle?"
Mother: "No, it's too close to lunchtime."
Small Child: "It wasn't when I started to ask."

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