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12:26pm on Sunday, 13th November, 2005:

Pub Grub


There's a pub at the end of our street, the Queen's Head. It's recently undergone a face-lift. Here's a picture of it across the pond:

Let's take a closer look at the large, white sign there:

Yes. We didn't have such a big sign when it had a Chinese restaurant in it; now, it just looks tacky. I like the way how, in England, we're quite prepared to mix English traditions (eg. pubs) with traditions imported from other cultures (eg. Indian food). I don't think it's a great idea to go plastering boards all over the former to advertise the latter, though; there are better ways to do it.

Here's part of a building in Colchester, the Old Siege House:

Those red circles surround bullet holes made during the siege of Colchester during the English Civil War. It's quite an historical building. Here's how it looks in full:

Yes, it's also a restaurant now, but the sign is a little more in keeping with the building. Why couldn't we have that at the Queen's Head? Why ruin a picturesque view across the pond — one of the pub's USPs — by placing an unsightly sign right in the middle of it? Augh! It's probably knocked pounds off the value of my house!

The fact that I love Italian food, like Chinese food and really do not get on at all with Indian food has had no influence on my judgment here...

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