In Sight
Richard Bartle

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9556494-0-0

Roween Sage knows something terrifying about magic; something that no-one else knows — something that no-one else can be allowed to know.

Five years before she was born, the world was still a place of feudal stability. There was change, yes — a flowering of art and science — but it was gradual, manageable. Magic? Magic was myth and superstition — until its principles were suddenly discovered.

The rapid industrialisation that followed stretched society to its limits. Business and commerce raged out of control. Old religions fell before new science; old certainties gave way to new doubts.

In a world where kings rule by force of personality, where war and assassination are commonplace, where the magic-savvy trample the ignorant to grow ever-richer, the future depends on the intrigues of one shy and introverted daughter of a librarian.

Part one of the In Sight, In Flames duology is currently unavailable while we switch print service providers.

The In Sight, In Flames duology fits the NotByUs paradigm because it’s multi-threaded Epic Fantasy with a Cyberpunk rationality.