In Flames
Richard Bartle

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9556494-1-7

Fleeing the Messenger’s followers, Roween and Conley make for the calm but addled Lowlands. There, they hope to find allies; there, they hope not to be found…

Behind them, the magic-rich armies of Justan march ever onward, smashing all opposition as an empire is born. Even so, rumours speak of yet darker magics: of plagues, of revolution, of armies of the dead made living; of the means to immortality. If Justan fell, his replacement could be far, far worse. Where do the loyalties of Lord Sennary lie — with his king or with his quarry?

All portents point to the strange and disturbing land of Elet, where a population of sinister millions is preparing for war; where Roween must, must go.

Can she destroy magic before magic destroys the world?

Part two of the In Sight, In Flames duology is currently unavailable while we switch print service providers.

The In Sight, In Flames duology fits the NotByUs paradigm because it’s multi-threaded Epic Fantasy with a Cyberpunk rationality.