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These are the ground rules for this web site:

  1. These rules may change arbitrarily. Hey, it's my web site! If I do change them, though, I'll warn you in the Latestnews section on the front page.
  2. When referring to surnames, the standard genealogical convention of capitalisation is adopted. This is so we can write BARTLEs and not get mixed up with BARTLES.
    • References to people as people, rather than as genealogical entities.
    • Direct quotations from articles that didn't use the convention.
    • Terms which use surnames as sub-components, for example this web site's name,
  3. The web site concerns the BARTLE surname, from a genealogical standpoint. To avoid careering off into every other family tree, it is only concerned with tracking people who satisfy one or more of the following criteria:
    • they were born a BARTLE;
    • they are an ancestor of a BARTLE;
    • they are spouses of one of the above;
    • they are siblings of one of the above.
    Thus, if your grandfather's sister married a BARTLE, then she gets a record (spouse) and your grandfather gets a record (sibling) and everyone in the branch of your family tree above your grandfather gets a record (ancestor - assuming your great-aunt had BARTLE children); you and your parents, however, don't get a record.
  4. No references to living people in genealogical data is allowed without that person's permission. If you post without authority, I'll pass any resulting law suits right on to you...
  5. The language of the site is English only. Yes, I know that there are BARTLEs who don't speak English, but unfortunately that's all I do speak...

That's all for now. More may be added if the need arises.

Make sure you've read the terms and conditions and privacy policy, too.

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