Welcome to youhaventlived.com!

This is currently acting as a satellite for Richard Bartle's sprawling web site. Located here at the moment are:
QBlog My personal blog.
Spunky Princess A JavaScript game.
Spymaster A JavaScript game.
Rover A JavaScript game.
Haikumatic A JavaScript Haiku-generator.
Dr Livingstone, I Presume? A reskinned Spunky Princess.
A Post-Modernist Essay Deconstruction constructed.
Stereoscopic photos Pairs of pictures you can see in 3D if you cross your eyes right.
Knights of the Dinner Table Cartoons.
The Adventures of Mog & Tilly The famous cartoons by my daughter, Jenny.
INsightflames A science fantasy novel.
Bartle.info A genealogy site for people with my surname.
School Yarns and Howlers Scans of the funniest 50 pages of a book I've ever read.
Testicles the Tautologist A comic strip from 1971. "That's pronounced 'Testicleez' scrotum fans".
The Solo Dungeon A choose-your-own-adventure style game of mine for D&D type rules, published in 1978.
MMOs from the Inside Out Material related to my book, MMOs from the Inside Out.
MMOs from the Outside In Material related to my book, MMOs from the Outside In.

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