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11:09am on Friday, 26th June, 2020:



Next week, the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering has a Research Away Day, in which our new members of staff will be introducing us all to their research. We have 14 new members of staff:

Dr Shoaib Jameel
Dr Xinruo Zhang
Dr Sefki Kolozali
Dr Eirina Bourtsoulatze
Dr Caterina Cinel
Dr Jianhua He
Dr Jichun Li
Dr Zulfiqar Ali
Dr Cunjin Luo
Dr Anish Jindal
Dr Yunfei Long
Dr Michael Kampouridis
Dr Alexandros Voudouris
Dr Michael Barros

Every so often, we receive emails from the university high-ups telling us to be aware of the importance of diversity.

Do we have a problem with diversity?

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