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6:17am on Monday, 22nd July, 2019:

Game Talk


Today we return home from our trip to Crete.

I'm sure I've visited several locations here that are also in MMOs. They're eerily familiar, whether it's the layout of a village, the vegetation on a hillside or the local geography.

What's really spooky is how much it feels like a role-playing game at times. I walk down a street, and as soon as I'm within range the individual shopkeepers burst into action like NPCs with stock messages to impart. "See anything you like?"; "Scarfs, gloves, all home-made!"; "You like a table by the sea?"; "Olive oil, olives, herbs!"; "Fresh fish, catch of the day". Then, as soon as I leave range, they stop and wait for the next person to aggro them. Meanwhile, I continue my walk and the next one pipes up. "You like? Come inside!".

It's a lot different to the UK, where all shopkeepers and restaurant owners are surly and do't actually want you to answer their calls as it would mean more work.

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