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5:12pm on Tuesday, 21st May, 2019:



Every year, I give my final-year students an assignment in which they have to write a plot conforming the the Hero's Journey. Some of these are very creative.

One such story two years ago was rather too creative, unfortunately. The key step in the Hero's Journey is "Atonement with the Father", and one of the critical things about it is that you don't kill the Father. My student's story did kill the father, which rather adversely affected his marks.

Unperturbed, he wrote up his plot as a short story and it was published in his home country (Greece). Yesterday, he picked up a Niven award for it. Here's a video of him accepting it, thanking me (in Greek) for my help.

I'm somewhat embarrassed, given that I'd marked him down for it, but am nevertheless really happy his work has been recognised!

Congratulations, Alexandros!

I, too, am an award-winning short-story writer, only in my case the awards weren't for writing the short stories...

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