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5:44pm on Thursday, 10th October, 2019:

Titans of Text


I did an interview for the Titans of Text podcast recently, and it's now been released here: https://www.titansoftext.com/17. This podcast is unusual because the interviewers switch off their mics while the interviewee is speaking, meaning I could ramble for minutes on and and not even be sure that the line was still live. This, I duly did.

Another unusual feature is that the spoken word is transcribed (automatically) into printed text, so you can skip anything that doesn't interest you. Looking at the transcript, it seems that most of my sentences as spoken are grammatically ill-formed and are rarely coherent.
So, pretty much the same as my writing, then, except that with my writing I can re-read it before I release it whereas my speech is somewhat resistant to this.

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