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12:27pm on Friday, 4th January, 2019:



I had to post a calendar to my dad today (I hope he wasn't doing anything special in this week), and was keen to be able to send it large-letter rate rather than parcel rate because I'm stingy. It wasn't too thick to qualify, but it did look as if it could be too wide so I made every effort to make sure the packaging was as narrow as possible, binding it it adhesive tape and bending the corners that were sticking out a bit.

It worked, too! It slid gently through the measuring slot at the Post Office, grazing the edges but not getting caught on them.

I still had to send it parcel post. It turned out it was too long.

The man behind me in the queue asked to buy all the euros the post office had in stock. The teller told him they didn't have as many as that.

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