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4:15pm on Friday, 1st November, 2019:

Tripped Advisor


On the web site for the hotel I'm staying in next week, there's an option to say where you're from so it can translate it into the right language. One consequence of this is that it will load the latest Tripadvisor comments given in that language.

Here's the latest one in English, from 26th October 2019:

"We checked in an headed out for dinner. Asked clerk about safety at night and he said it was safe. We were 2 blocks away when my daughters purse was grabbed. Horrific experience for all of us. I then fell in the bathroom in hotel room and broke my foot. Asked for ice, didn't have any. Asked them To call police to report the purse and he was hesitant. From that point it went from bad to worse. There was NOTHING To drink or eat in this place except water in a cooler in lobby. I could go on but you get the picture. I guess the ONE star is for the water pressure in shower. That was the best this hotel had to offer. Oh and most coffee shops and rest are closed Sunday so you're on your own. Pack a cooler and coffee thermos. Better yet do. Not. Stay. Here!!!!!"

There are 1,418 reviews for this hotel, 408 of which are excellent and 596 of which are very good. 94 are poor and 64 are terrible. Either the bots like it, or this chap's experience is atypical. He does come from Florida, though, so maybe looked more muggable than most visitors.

I think I'll be OK. The purse-snatchers will have enough money for now and probably won't be mugging anyone else until they've spent it.

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