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6:28pm on Wednesday, 28th March, 2018:



Because I have a new PC, I don't need my old PC. My old PC is still pretty good, but the hard drive was so full of my games that it was slow. I decided to give it to my younger daughter, who has moved out now and wants to play her own games.

I uninstalled all my games and a bunch of other programs (graphics, genealogy, that sort of thing) but her boyfriend picked it up before I'd deleted all the data. OK, no problem there, just thousands of photos she can get rid of and years of near-identical sets of slides for my lectures that can safely be trashed.

Hmm. There are also all the passwords I got Firefox and Chrome to remember. Those really ought to be reset. Steam is all set up for my account, too.

This could work out to be more expensive than I planned...

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