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8:34am on Wednesday, 23rd May, 2018:

Marking Time


I have an external examiner board meeting in Falmouth tomorrow, so shall be spending 7 hours today getting there and 7 hours tomorrow getting back. I could attend an exam board in most western European capitals more easily.

I don't actually mind, though, because I cna use this time profitably marking examination papers. I have around 80 to do, but am only taking half with me as they weigh rather a lot. I normally mark by question rather than by paper (so, all answers to question 1 on all scripts, then all answers to question 2, and so on) which is better for consistency; splitting them into two piles doesn't hurt that too much, but I really don't fancy carrying a 5cm-thick block of A4 paper with me across London on the tube from Liverpool Street to Paddington.

Fingers crossed that the seat I've booked isn't adjacent to one occupied by any of the students who took the exam.

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