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8:17am on Saturday, 22nd September, 2018:

Local Advertisements


I like what being in Sweden does to the random advertisements that appear when I browse web sites. I can't understand a word of them, so am not lured into purchasing whatever it is they're trying to sell me.

Actually, I can understand a word: "och". It means "and", except when it means "or".

Today is a blustery day so I shall probably spend almost all of it in my hotel room making changes to my Cadenza (teaching certification) application. I submitted my draft weeks ago, but was helpfully informed I had to beef up large parts of it two days before the final deadline. I consequently missed said deadline, but my wailing about this resulted in my being granted an extension that I had previously been assured was ungrantable.

Oh well, I don't have anything else to do. I was considering going to Stockholm for the day until I discovered that the flight alone would cost around £175. A ferry would be cheaper, but they take three hours plus another hour to get from the port to Stockholm. Given how windy it is, though, I'm rather glad I decided to stay behind.

There's an ad for "Flytta med elen enkelt" on the SMBC cartoon site. I'm in danger of understanding some of that ("med" is "with"?).

Right, let's get this Cadenza tiresomeness over with...

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