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4:03pm on Sunday, 22nd July, 2018:

Sunday Walk


This morning was spent walking around another garden, that of the Villa Melzi or whattever. I was the least expensive of the three gardens we've been to in terms of entrance fees, but it took us longest to explore. This was due in part to the fact we kept stopping to take photos of the same things from slightly different angles.

One part of the villa was a chapel. Among the shrines was that of a boy who had died before his time. The inscription said he had a precocious intelligence, something to do with a spirit and, hmm, why don't I just use the translation app on my phone? This I did, and was told that the young man had "glue man awareness". Maybe I shouldn't do that in future; it's apparently bad form to laugh out loud in chapels.

In the afternoon, we walked up a hill and down again to reach a small hamlet called Pecadillo or Pescallo or something, which our guidebook told use had a "suggestive square". It was more like a "suggestion of a square". Still, it was quite pretty (and free), so we sat there awhile before walking back up the hill and down again.

Here's a picture of the pond in the garden of the Villa Melzi.

It has fish and everything.

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