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3:53pm on Saturday, 20th January, 2018:



I went on a tourist walkabout today. Up Friedrichstrasse thn left to the Brandenburg Gate, then the length of Unter den Linden to Museum Island (where I paid 12 euros basically to look at the bust of Nefertiti), then further east to Alexanderplatz. I didn't go up the TV tower because it was one of those cases where you pay now, go up when it says on your ticket 90 minutes or so hence. I walked back on some road parallel to Unter den Linden until I reached the Holocaust Memorial, then turned left down to Potsdammerplatz. From there, I wandered back to my hotel somehow.

Berlin isn't the prettiest city in Germany, and there seems to be construction work going on everywhere, but it was an enjoyable walk nonetheless. Maybe it's just because I was doing touristy things or something, but I heard more people speaking English on the streets than I typically do in London.

What's this parking symbol supposed to mean?

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