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10:56am on Saturday, 19th May, 2018:

Royal Wedding


I didn't go to today's royal wedding, having discreetly made it known that I would be mowing the lawn this afternoon, so I wouldn't have the embarrassment of having to turn down an invitation.

It was a different story on 29th July, 1981, when Prince Harry's parents were married. I was working at the university over the summer, having just finished my undergraduate degree and shortly to start my PhD. I went to London to stand in the crowds and watch the procession. I'd never been to a royal occasion before (we don't have many of them in East Yorkshire), so figured it was a great opportunity to see one up close.

Afterwards, I wrote up my day and sent it to my grandmother, as she was interested in such things. Unlike my grandmother, the report has survived to the present day.

Here, therefore, in all its typewriters-don't-have-backspaces glory, is a scan of what 21-year-old-me wrote about an earlier royal wedding.

I think some of it may be somewhat dated.

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