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3:53pm on Thursday, 19th April, 2018:

Wrong Headed


When students need references, I'm often asked to supply them on headed notepaper. Conveniently, I'm also often asked to email the references, which of course can't be done on headed notepaper because notepaper is unemailable. What can be done is emailing a a scan of a reference written on headed notepaper.

What I do, then, is keep a clean scan of departmental headed notepaper, which I use as background in a graphics program. I write the text in the graphics program so it overlays the scan, then save it as a .pdf or .jpg or whatever. This looks as if it's a scan of a printed document, but it's actually a superimposition of text on a blank piece of headed notepaper.

I noticed today that the background scan of headed notepaper that I've been using is for the Department of Electronic Engineering. This ceased to exist when Electronic Engineering merged with Computer Science to form the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering.

The merger happened in 2007.

I've been using the wrong headed notepaper for 11 years and no-one has noticed (except me, today).

I now have a new sheet of headed notepaper which I shall scan and use instead. The old one looks better, to be honest, but we have to move with the times...

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