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5:46pm on Sunday, 18th March, 2018:



We went out for lunch today as a birthday bash for my younger daughter (whose birthday is on the first day of spring, thus making me not appreciate the song "If I ruled the world, every day would be the first day of spring" for reasons of expense). We went to a new pub/restaurant called the Princess Charlotte, selected carefully so that my father-in-law would have less about which to complain. It was a modest success in that regard, too. It's basically a chain a bit like Beefeater or Brewer's Fare, just a bit more upmarket (f0r the moment).

I mention this because this was the first pub in the country named after the fourth in line to the throne, Princess "spare for George" Charlotte. I don't think she had any say in the matter, and doubt she'll ever eat there, but it means the pub has a claim to fame.

It does run the risk of looking stupid if, when Princess Charlotte gets older, it turns out she prefers being called Lottie to Charlotte. Still, there have been plenty of other Princesses Charlotte in the past so it would just be a case of putting up a portrait of one as a sign and it would be sorted.

I didn't get to read all the tattoos on the waiter's arm, so may well eat there again at some point.

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