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2:24pm on Tuesday, 17th July, 2018:



I may like to get to airports stupidly early, but my wife likes to get to them incrediblystupidly early. So it was that our alarm went of at 3:20am to catch a 7:50 flight from Heathrow. I'm hoping I can finish this before I fall asleep.

So, we're in Bellagio, Italy, for a week. Don't think of breaking into our house and stealing our stuff, as we have a guard daughter to stop you. This is the view from our hotel:

It's very nice. That's more than I can say about British Airways, which is doing as much as it can to turn into Ryanair. We only had hand luggage, we were near the front of the queue to board, but they decided to choose us "at random" to have our luggage taken off us and put in the hold. Other people had more luggage, some of outsize, and didn't have theirs taken off them. There was plenty of room in the overhead lockers anyway. Next time BA pulls this stunt, I'm removing the luggage tag and taking the suitcase into the cabin anyway.

Bellagio is a 90-minute drive from Milan airport. The travel agent had set up a car to take us, and we needed it. How those Italians avoid killing one another on the roads more often is incredible. We got here safe and sound, despite having to drive down the main shopping street (wide enough for one car and no pedestrians); I thought that at any moment someone was going to open to car door and rip me out of my seat, although on second thoughts the street wasn't wide enough to open a car door into.

We've had a quick orientation walk around Bellagio, and it is indeed a lovely place. We'll need to explore beyond it, though, as it's not all that large. That's for another day, though.

Right, now to find out just how fast this hotel wi-fi actually is.

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