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6:18pm on Saturday, 13th October, 2018:

Swiss Album


I bought some playing cards on eBay recently, and they arrived today. Prices have been steadily increasing, and packs that would have cost £30 five years ago are going for £75 now, so I was quite fortunate to get these for a reasonable amount.

They're Album Suisse patience cards number 30 by C. L. Wust of Frankfurt. Wust sold a lot of playing cards featuring Swiss costumes and cities, as did Dondorf; I already have some of these, because they're very common and a lot of them have made it to the present day. This was the first time I'd seen this particular design, though, which dates from around 1900.

The thing is, it's completely impractical. For a pack of cards, you want all the cards to be different — but only on the front. You want all the backs to be identical. The backs here are all different. Play a few games with these and you'd know that when you saw Bern it was the Ace of Hearts.

Still, they're great for doing mentalist tricks!

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