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4:56pm on Wednesday, 12th December, 2018:

Special Offer


I went into Colchester today to buy some Christmas presents. This is what greeted me in the car park.

All the machines for buying tickets had bin liners taped over them. The notice on them explains that this is because Wednesday is late-night Christmas shopping day in Colchester and all parking after 3pm is free.

Great! Unfortunately, I arrived at around 1:45. Free parking wasn't scheduled to start for another hour and a quarter.

I had every intention of buying a ticket, but from where?

There was apparently another way to pay, but that involved downloading an app onto my phone. I don't see why I should do that: I don't want my phone cluttered up with an app for every retailer and I don't trust them not to ask for more data than their app needs. Besides, if all the ticket machines have bin liners on them, doesn't that rather suggest that I'm not supposed to be paying?

If I receive a parking notice asking for money for an hour and a quarter's parking, I'd be happy to pay it. If, however, they try slap me with some kind of penalty fee, I shall be seeing them in court for entrapment.

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