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1:24pm on Friday, 12th January, 2018:

A to Z


I kept this in the briefcase I retired this week.

I bought it in 1990, but haven't used it for several years. Each time I did use it, I marked with a cross the place I was visiting, so if I went again I'd be able to find it more easily. The bulldog clip was to hold the book open when I was driving and needed directions. Basically, then, Google Maps and my satnav have rendered it obsolete.

Part of me wants to keep it because I like maps. Part of me wants to keep it because there are memories in some of those crosses. Part of me wants to keep it in case at some time in the future I need a map of London as it was in 1990.

Nevertheless, I'm going to recycle it. Hey, I have an earlier guide to London that I used in the 1980s; I don't need two.

I'm keeping the bulldog clip, though.

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