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2:46pm on Saturday, 6th January, 2018:

Board Games


I have lots of board games in my office at the university, which I give the students to play in a class (or if they want some for a games evening just for fun). I don't give them anything out of print (such as the Waddingtons games I played as a child) or that might actually be worth anything (such as my original Arkham Horror). I also don't give them games I haven't played myself (such as Eldritch Horror) or that cost a lot and I fear would be ruined (such as Tales of the Arabian Nights). There are some games I give out for games nights but not for student classes; anything "for ages 10+" (such as Twilight Struggle) would fall into that category, as it's my experience that most of them haven't played enough board games to be able to handle anything that complicated in three hours.

On the advice of the IGGI PhD students I taught in November, I got Machi Koro for Christmas. It's basically a simpler version of Dominion, so they ought to like it, but it's rated 10+. Maybe I'll let my undergraduates try it out this year and see how it goes.

We also played Colt Express over Christmas, which I got last year. It's a blast! Unfortunately, it has a 3D board made of pieces of card, so I'm not letting my students anywhere near it for fear they'd break it trying to figure out how it was put together.

If ever I lose my job at the university, I'm going to need a larger attic so I have somewhere to store all this stuff...

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