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10:59am on Wednesday, 28th June, 2017:

Airport Parking


The price difference between the four closest car parks to Stansted Airport was £2 when I booked earlier this week, so I paid the extra and went with the premium short-stay super plus plus or whatever they call it. Time to walk to terminal: 3-4 minutes.

Well it did take 3-4 minutes to walk to the terminal. Unfortunately, it took 8-10 minutes to find a place to park. Also, the car park closest to Departures was closed, so I was 3-4 minutes from the terminal's most remote corner from passport control. I'd have got in sooner if I'd chosen the third car park option: it would be another two minutes to the terminal but I'd enter right next to Departures.

Also, they closed the short-cut through the toilets that allowed me to avoid the serpentine walk through shops selling things I don't want at prices they will be elsewhere in the country after 25 years of moderate inflation.

The airport parking cost more than the return tickets to Barcelona.

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