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6:51pm on Saturday, 25th November, 2017:



We went to the Christmas Market at Bury Saint Edmunds today. It has over 300 stalls, and won an award last year for being the best in the country.

It was pretty good. It's not like the Christmas markets in continental Europe, though, as it doesn't have a consistent atmosphere. Also, maybe one in five of the stalls were selling alcohol, and perhaps half of those were selling mulled cider (not wine: coder). There must have been a dozen stalls selling fudge and another dozen selling cheese. Jewellery stalls also featured heavily. The rest, though, were a real mix. You want Norwegian bread? Churros? Crispy duck? Crêpes? Baklava? Twenty different kinds of olive? I could go on and on.

We did get some fudge, of course. The rose flavour is my favourite, but the lemon and the mango have some real strength to them.

We also got some cheese. I've never had cheddar with ginger before, but it's surprisingly, er, surprising.

Oh, there were some clothes stalls, too. One of them sold waistcoats, including this one:

Yes, those are pictures of tractors on it. I'm guessing they sell lots of them to City bankers.

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