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8:59am on Friday, 22nd September, 2017:

Book Update


This week, I started re-reading my Lizzie Lott book #2, making sure everything is perfect before releasing it for sale on Amazon. This is the fifth proof copy I've had to read: every time I get one and go through it, I spot minor changes I want to make, so I make them then send it back to get the next proof printed. This can go on indefinitely, of course, because there's always some change I want to make, even if it's to change something back.

Last time, I made very few changes. Those I did make were to do with hyphenation (which I have to perform manually, as Createspace doesn't understand Word's automatic hyphenation and won't believe that .pdf files have the page dimensions with which they were saved). I therefore resolved that this time I wouldn't make any changes, no matter how tempting, unless I absolutely had to.

Reading through, I had to steel myself several times against making minor adjustments, but it was all going well.

One of the few changes I made last time round was to change a gate from being wooden to being iron. This was because there was another wooden gate and a wooden bench a few pages later, and if I made the gate wooden it seemed to suggest a link that wasn't there. Because of this, I had changed the gate from being wooden to being iron.

This explains why I was now reading "a iron gate".

Augh! Augh augh augh! Augh!

What makes it worse is that I hadn't taken any notes of the little changes I'd wanted to make but had steeled myself against making.

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