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1:49pm on Monday, 20th November, 2017:



Today begins three weeks of solid teaching. For the first two weeks, I'm at Queen Mary University, London, and for the final week I'm back at Essex University teaching the same material I'm teaching this week, but to different students.

This means I have to commute to Mile End in London everyday for a fortnight.Naturally, it's drizzling out there and I didn't bring a coat because I was gulluble enough to believe the weather forecast on breakfast TV.

So far, I have managed to survive teaching for an hour in the wrong room, followed by a fire alarm. My lecture slides occasionally have lines appearing in the wrong order, or not at all. Then again, the students keep asking me questions, some of which are going to need me to make changes to my slides for next time, so it's not all been a disaster.

This afternoon we're playing board games. I couldn't bring my usual boxload, because they're 60 miles away in my office. I took only games small enough to fit in my bakpack, some of which are good but some of which are not. My copy of Love Letter was nicked the last time I let anyone play my games, so even though it's both small and good I couldn't bring it.

There's no power supply in this room within reach of the lecturer's console, so it's going to be quite exciting seeing if my afternoon classes are going to have 3 hours of slides or not.

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