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2:01pm on Thursday, 18th May, 2017:

Three Hours in Truro


I spent most of yesterday travelling to Falmouth, to attend the board meeting for Falmouth University's games degrees. It's always good to meet the people there (and their BA in games is absolutely outstanding), but this time it was even better as it meant I could evade a staff meeting back at Essex.

The board meeting started at 9:30am lasted an hour and five minutes. Splendid! It meant I didn't have to hang around until 3:30 for my train home. I took a taxi to Truro so I could pick up an earlier train to London.

Hmm. It turns out that my ticket is an advance one tht only works on the exact trains it specifies. I have to catch the 3:30 train anyway. This left me with three hours to kill in Truro.

I've been to Truro before, but only the outskirts while on holiday. I've never been to central Truro. It reminds me a lot of Beverley, except instead of Greggs they have a chain of Cornish pastie bakeries called Warrens. They also have a busker who's among the worst I've ever heard.

Never mind that, though! Look at the over-complicated window-opening mechanism they have in Pizza Express!

Now to find out of Cafe Nerd has wifi unthrottled enough that I can upload this...

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