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11:58am on Thursday, 17th August, 2017:

Social History


A few weeks ago, I mentioned I was interviewed by Aleks Krotoski. The programme featuring extracts from it was broadcast earlier this week (which is months earlier than I was expecting!).

Thanks to the power of editing, I don't come across anywhere near as bonkers as I thought I would (although embarrassingly missed some text out of the room description of Narrow Road Between Lands and couldn't remember if it was Imperial or UCL that we used as a gateway to what-would-become-the-Internet). Thanks mainly to Aleks's narration, I actually sound quite authoratative.

If only there were some way to persuade my students I'm authoratative...

Oh, the broadcast is available on iPlayer at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b090y9zt, if you want to listen. It's an interesting programme despite my involvement in it (around 11 minutes in), and well worth listening to the whole way through (although beware, this is only the first episode and the rest haven't been broadcast yet). Aleks has a different take on the evolution of the Internet to the usual tech-centric approach, examining it from a social (or, in some cases, anti-social) perspective.

How did people ever listen to radio programmes they missed in the olde days, before iPlayer?

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