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6:27pm on Wednesday, 15th November, 2017:

Student's London


Two coach trips to England football matches at Wembley aside, it wasn't until I was 18 that I visited London. This is the guidebook I used in my exploration of of sights I'd only seen on TV and streets I'd only heard of on the Monopoly board.

The scan is half-sized, but that still shows the book would fit in my inside jacket pocket. As you can see, it's well worn: I used it for many years, and took it with me when I and my wife went on expeditions to far-flung places such as anywhere not immediately adjacent to a tube station.

Most of it is maps and a street index, but it does have some fascinating student-oriented information at the back. The list of political parties includes the Workers' Revolutionary Party and the National Front, for example; there's also a list of companies operating international cargo boats that you can get on as a passenger. Libraries, pubs and food places feature heavily, along with information your parents really should have told you, such as what telephone number to call in an emergency.

None of the descriptions of hotels, restaurants or anything else have prices atached, though, they're just "cheap" or it doesn't say. This is a shame, as it would have been nice to compare 1978 prices to those of today. The book itself was 75p, though.

75p well spent. Still, no use keeping it just for sentimental reasons — it's basically an analogue phone app. Off to the recycling bin it goes, albeit accompanied by a nostalgic sigh.

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