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6:05pm on Wednesday, 15th February, 2017:

Jack Hammer


A new building is being constructed off Square 1 at the university (some kind of STEM facility so that computer scientists, mathematicians, biologists and psychologists can be kept apart from the rest of the university). This entails removing some of Square 1. Here's a picture of the workers doing just that:

Square 1 is made of 1960s concrete. It's not easy to remove. That yellow device at the back is a remote-controlled pneumatic hammer they have to spray with water to keep cool:

It makes a noise. It makes a loud noise. It's been making a loud noise all day, every day (except possibly weekends) since term began. Computer lab 1 and the project labs bear the full brunt of this noise. If we see a drop in quality infinal-year projects this year, it's because of that hammer.

I don't see that it even needs to be a hammer. I'm not a construction worker, but in my view it would have been easier to cut the concrete out in slabs using a saw, rather than chipping it to pieces with a drill.

By the looks of things, there's not long to go before they've removed what they need to remove. Finally, I'll be able to sleep concentrate in my office once more.

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