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4:45pm on Monday, 14th August, 2017:

Radio Silence


Normally, we record Game of Thrones when it's first broadcast (at 2am, UK time) then watch it when my wife gets back from work (which seems to be much earlier than on other days). This means that there's a danger of my seeing spoilers in my social media feeds, but fortunately everyone I follow is alert to this and never gives any details other than saying what a great episode it was.

This time, no-one has said it's a great episode. No-one has mentioned it at all. Maybe Facebook has put the mentions 200 posts down in my feed out of some kind of AI-driven respect for my viewing pleasure, but I doubt it. I suspect that the reason there are no mentions is because this isn't going to turn out to be all that good an episode.

Then again, if I went purely by the volume of radio chatter I see on Facebook, Donald Trump is the most popular person in the world.

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