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3:33pm on Saturday, 11th February, 2017:



I had to call over the assistant in the Scan and Go checkout at Sainsbury's today as the machine wouldn't scan my coupon. As the coupon was for 500 nectar points that I "won" last week, and was thus worth around £2.50, I wasn't about to shrug and walk away. The assistant typed the number in manually, then tried to put the coupon in the slot where used coupons are supposed to go. It was a little full.

Me: Looks as if you need a bigger coupon skip.
Assistant: No, it's caused by people folding their coupons in half.
(Note: I had folded mine in half, and he knew that.)
Me: Why's that a problem?
Assistant: Because when you put them in, they unfold and pull themselves up the slot.
Me: That's if you put them in fold-first. If you put them in ends-first, they pull themselves down.
Assistant (grumpily): People don't put them in like that.
Me: I do.

Really, they just need bigger coupon skips.

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