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3:05pm on Thursday, 5th January, 2017:



A friend of mine has had his DNA tested by Ancestry, like me. Unlike me, however, he also had the DNA of his wife and two children tested, too. Here (with permission) are the ethnicity results:

LocationFather   Mother   Daughter Son
Great Britain37313724
Europe West2749
Finland/NW Russia611
Europe East
Native American0.5
European Jewish0.5
Iberian Peninsula0.5

The result for Scandinavia looks particularly suspect. Both children have far more Scandinavian DNA than their parents, with the son being something like a sixth Scandinavian. The ones for Ireland (ie. Celtic) are better, with the children on a par at just about the average of the parents.

As a result of this exercise, it's clear that the error bars on Ancestry's tests are pretty long when it comes to ethnicity. Fortunately, they're a lot better at identifying relatives, which is the main reason I used it myself.

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