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4:16pm on Wednesday, 2nd August, 2017:

Sweet Tooth


Yesterday at the university, I was buying myself my traditional medium hot chocolate to take away (£2.45 and a quarter of my recommended daily calorie intake) when I spotted a wasp trapped underneath a dome with some Danish pastries. While my drink was being made, I offered to release the creature outside. My offer was accepted, so out I went.

It wouldn't move. While inside with the pastries, it was flying around and crawling on them and on the dome, but outside it adhered to the dome as if superglued. It wouldn't budge at all, no matter how hard I shook it. I could have brushed it off, but in so doing would probably have broken eighteen different hygiene regulations, so eventually I had to bring it back inside defeated.

Oh well, I tried. If it had sampled any of those Danish pastries, it was probably going to be dead within the hour anyway.

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