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1:04pm on Saturday, 1st April, 2017:

Cat Supplies


When I was loading the car with shopping at Sainsbury's today, the owner of the car parked behind was loading the car with her shopping too. We were parked back to back, so had to keep giving way to each other in order to load our respective purchases.

So it was that I couldn't help noticing she had bought six dozen large cans of cat food (three trays of 24 cans each). She had also bought a large, lemon cake, but I suspect that might have been for her. She had at least three cats waiting in the car, too.

I wonder, are there many men who accumulate cats like this, or do they go for other animals?

A friend's mother, back in my teens, had over 20 cats (they were never all around at the same time to be properly counted). She used to feed them eggs.

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