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5:21pm on Tuesday, 30th August, 2016:

Nowhere in Particular


I've mentioned before that I rarely remember my dreams unless I plan to, but that when I do I'm aware I'm having them and they're as vivid as reality. The vividness part isn't always present, though, as a dream I decided to have last night illustrates.

So, I've been writing some code on and off over the summer, but a series of interruptions (mainly meeting students and having to read their dissertations) meant I haven't touched it for a couple of weeks. I left it at a pretty tricky part, but today I finally had a free run at it so I wanted to figure out in advance what I needed to do. How could I do that without being interrupted? Ah, well in a dream, that's where. So I had one.

This kind of dream isn't set in reality. It's set entirely in my head. It doesn't have pictures or sound or smells or anything else, it just has concepts. There is a sort of "envisioning" component to some of them, but the envisionments are more like feelings than visible structures. I'm still completely aware I'm dreaming, but I'm not in a place where having a vivid representation of a space and my place in it is a factor. Most dreams, I am in such an imagined world, but not when the dreams are purely conceptual.

I sorted out what I needed to do, anyway, and made a pretty good start at it today. I'll try finish it off tomorrow, or at least leave it somewhere it's easy to pick up.

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