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4:34pm on Wednesday, 28th December, 2016:

New Keyboard


I got a new keyboard for Christmas (as in something to type on, not something to play music on). It's a Corsair K95, so the keys are mechanical and backlit. So far, I'm loving it —it's a dream to type on! It only has white lights, but that's fine as I don't want any of the fancy colour-switching stuff (I just want to be able to see the keys when it's dark). It took me several reinstalls to accept that the Corsair software for managing the keyboard wasn't going to work with a non-RGB model, though.

My only gripe is that there's only one LED behind each key, and it only illuminates the top symbol on multi-symbol keys. This means that I only easily see the * from the key with both * and 8 on it, for example. As one of the reasons I wanted a new keyboard was because the lighting on my old keyboard had faded and I couldn't see the numerals, that's a bit annoying. The < (comma) and > (dot) keys look similar for the same reason. It seems odd that the most important symbols are the bottom ones (that you don't need to press a shift key to get) but the ones that are illuminated are the top ones. Ideally, I'd like them both lit up.

I chose this model because it has 18 programmable macro keys, as did my old Logitech G11 which sadly is no longer in production).

I'm already beginning to wish I'd made a record of the macros I'd recorded for the old one...

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