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2:54pm on Monday, 26th September, 2016:

Fitness Tip


I went to the municipal tip today, to dispose of the assorted rubbish that had accumulated in the garage in the pile for things to be taken to the tip. It's always an exciting experience going to the tip, as I never know if the tyres on my car are going to come out unscathed or with something embedded in them (they look happy at the moment, but the big test will be tomorrow morning).

As I walked between the various skips for recycling different objects, I couldn't help but notice that one of the workers (who was leaning against the printer cartridge recycling bin) had a rather one-dimensional vocabulary. He was explaining to a friend how he had managed to lose 2kg of weight in a week by the simple expedient of eating nothing but Actimel yoghurts. Hmm, I suspect he'll lose his entire body weight if he keeps that up for too long. A much better solution for him would be to do a star jump every time he uttered the word "fuck" — he'd soon be fit and trim.

I did have to recycle some printer cartridges myself, from my old printer. My new printer is almost out of Cyan, on account of how my younger daughter printed off pages and pages of pharmacy documents that has an inch-wide band of cyan along the bottom of every page for branding purposes. I imagine they have the same issue at Barclay's Bank.

Hmm, I do hope my wife wanted me to throw out both those pairs of shears. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, the answer is that she didn't.

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