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5:58pm on Monday, 23rd May, 2016:

Admin Dread


Normally, if I'm given some administration work to do I complete it as soon as possible. This is because I loathe administration work, and don't want it hanging over me. As a side effect, it also means I'm pretty good at administration work, so I have to ensure that the people who give it to me are left in no doubt that I loathe it and will draw rude pictures on their lawn with a herbicide if they give me more than my fair share.

I was given a piece of administration work to do about three months ago that would take me a lot of time but came with a long deadline. Because of the time it would take and the fact that these are extremely busy months for me, I didn't (well, couldn't) do it right away, so I shelved it.

The deadline is now impending, however. I hadn't forgotten this, so had set aside most of this week to do this administration work. I've been dreading it, but I know it has to be done, so this morning I steeled myself and began.

It only took about four hours. I was expecting more like four days. It seems that the less I want to do something, the longer I think it will take me to do it. It works the opposite way round for things I want to do, which I believe I can do quickly and then it takes forever.

Well, I've learned my lesson now.

Hmm, what shall I do tomorrow now I have it free? I think maybe I'll write a compiler.

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