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9:30pm on Saturday, 23rd April, 2016:



I've been doing some genealogy over the weekend.


So it goes me, my dad, his dad George Bartle, his mother Laura Cooke, her father Edward Cooke, his mother Caroline Haviland, her father Richard Haviland, his father Samuel Haviland.

I was disappointed to learn that Samuel Haviland was the base-born son of Jane Haviland. There are base-born people in my wife's family tree, but this is the first one I've found in mine.

There are three possible candidates for the Jane Haviland who is Samuel's mother. It gets complicated here.

Jane #1 is the daughter of Richard and Susanna Haviland. Jane #2 is the daughter of Francis and Mary Haviland. Jane#3 is the daughter of John and Mary Haviland. Let's call Jane #3's father John#1.

Jane #1 and Jane #2 are cousins. They both descend from John and Jane Haviland. Let's call their grandfather John #2.

John #1 descends either from John and Susanna Haviland or from John and Elizabeth Haviland. Let's call these John #3 and John #4.

John #3 is an uncle of Jane #1 and Jane #2 and his father is John #2.

John #4 descends either from Richard and Ann Haviland or John and Sarah Haviland. The same is true of John #2. Let's call this John John #5.

So, John #5 is the son of yet another John who is the brother of Richard. Both are sons of William and Katherine Haviland. William is a son of John and Allice Haviland.

The upshot is, I know I'm descended from this John Haviland — I just don't know the exact route.

So, this it turns out that this John Haviland isn't just a regular villager. He's the Rev. John Haviland, the local rector. His genealogy is fairly well documented.

The Rev. John Haviland is the son of Matthew De Havelland, the son of William De Havelland, the son of James De Havellande, the son of James De Haveilland who was the mayor of Poole in Dorset in 1494. He in turn is the son of Thomas De Haveilland, a jurat (magistrate) in Guernsey who was knighted for recapturing the castle in Jersey from the French in 1457. Thomas's father was probably one William De Haveilland, but that's where the trail runs cold. There are other figures bearing the name further back (Robert, Baron De Haviland in 1130) but the links in the chain are missing.

So through finding I'm descended from a base-born Samuel Haviland, I now know I'm descended from Channel Island aristocracy.

OK, so it's well over 20 generations ago, but still...

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