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5:55pm on Thursday, 22nd September, 2016:

Blank Slide


I was in London again today to give the keynote presentation at the unaugural User Acquisition Summit (slides here). As my slide on what I know about UA was blank, this was something of a risk, but people did seem to engage with what I was telling them about Player Types (except those who had already heard of them — a not insignificant number, as it happened). The interesting thing from my perspective was that the Player Types model is normally discussed in the context of retention, but here it was in terms of acquisition. I'd therefore be quite keen to know if it works or not.

I was told that I was going to have to present using some kind of cloud-based presentation format. As clouds don't tend to use my favoured fonts, I decided to drop them entirely and only use pictures. I did this once before in Leipzig, and although it's a bit more work than using text it seems to go down quite well with the audience. Re-using some of the Leipzig slides made it less work, too. As it happened, I got to present from my laptop anyway. I should have taken out a bet on that...

By the way, the current amount of money you have to pay to get a user to install your new mobile game is between $3 and $4, with Apple users costing more than Andoid users and American users of either costing more than anyone else.

Best slide of the day was one in a talk about cultural differences between audiences in the west and in the far east: it was Maslow's hierarchy of needs with an extra, super-fundamental need added at the bottom and labled "wi-fi".

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