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9:42am on Friday, 20th May, 2016:



When I was in Sweden last year, I bought 1,000 Swedish krona (about £82) to spend. I didn't spend any of it, but I come to Sweden once every couple of years or so, so I kept it. I brought it with me this time, in fact.

I've just been informed that the notes comprising 900 of those 1,000 krona expire next month. That would have been useful to know when I was buying things on my credit card yesterday.

I have to check out of the hotel in about half an hour, then my afternoon is occupied being the opponent in a PhD defence. The defence finishes about an hour and ten minutes before my flight home, so I'm cutting it very fine — I won't be buying anything at the airport. I might be able to find a newsagent before I check out, though.

I wonder how many packets of cactus flavour Låkerol I can get for 900 krona.

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